HEC 2010 Showhouse

This finish was done in a glimmery lusterstone finish that makes a room both warm and light.   


BSO 2008 Showhouse

I was on a team of Faux Finishers who worked on the 2008 BSO Showhouse.  This is a venetian plaster finish to give it a dimensional look, with metallic stencilling  overlays.  Click on the photo to see a more detailed picture of the finish.

HEC 2009 Showhouse

This was a bathroom I did for the Historic Ellicott City’s 2009 showhouse.  It’s a copper oxidized finish.  The vanity is done in a verdigris finish with detail antiquing in vandyke brown.   

El Nayar Restaurant

The owners of El Nayar wanted a faux finish for their new Mexican restaurant in Catonsville that opened fall 2009.  The walls are textured , with an oil glaze on top, and given an aged look in the crevices.    The doors are done ina sky blue in a distressed finish.   The finish was made to match the decor of the restaurant’s earthy feeling. The finish on the doors and the walls is hard wearing.

Dining Room finish

Faux Tin Ceiling

Faux Tin Ceiling

This is from my own home, where we really enjoy Coca-Cola, as you can tell!

I have managed to get very similar, and lovely, effects with dimensional wallpaper and faux finish painting. Don’t you love it? Contact me to get this in your home.